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Sugar Balance

"I have had digestive problems for a long time. Doctors have been more than happy to prescribe serious medications for this. About six weeks ago I started taking Sugar Balance. I was happy to discover two things: I don't need to have dessert after every meal and I don't want alcoholic beverages every single day. The best discovery is that I feel so much better in so many ways when I don't consume alcohol. Thank you so much!"


Kathryn G.


"I am a 60 year old female, and I have been using Incontrol for a few years with excellent results. I did not have an extreme problem, just the common ‘leaks’ when sneezing or coughing, but I was beginning to experience more urgency than normal, and consequent leakage before I could make it to the bathroom. Whenever I run out of the formula, I notice a marked difference and cannot wait to get back on it. It is very nice to have this ‘natural’ solution without having to resort to a prescribed medication, and without having to use adult protection. What a relief! The tea always seems very fresh and is also very pleasant to drink. I highly recommend this product."

Robin C.

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